Field Notes from the proto-Invisibles Monastary 4 - on Dataism and the Stacks

[UNLOCKED] bonus 027 - 2nd February, 2020

Greetings and salutations fellow netizens,

here’s the fourth instalment of those #invizmon writings from 2016. In this episode I talk about drifting off-line and why. A quick skim of the PDF shows there’s a few notes to myself in there, which hey maybe one day I will actually revisit.

Rn I’m busy preparing for a life of escalating climate chaos — and if I was still generating content in this style I’d tell you what a fucking pain in the ass it is shopping for Air Quality Monitors and HEPA-filtered Air Purifiers that aren’t designed to plug straight into your local smart home, internet-enabled, surveillance tech waking nightmare of silval-run control.

It’s okay though, I found what I was after eventually and the dust storm that might’ve once more coated Melbourne in a fresh layer of slime didn’t hit us the other night — yeah, the streets have been running red, but it’s not from the blood of our enemies, it’s tons of top soil dumped by heavy weather — so I haven’t even needed to unbox the neat little air purifier I had to order online ‘cause they’re as absent from the shelves of our big box retailers as P2 masks are. And that’s life in the 2020s.

So enjoy this flashback to a few years ago.