Field Notes from the proto-Invisibles Monastery: Introduction

[UNLOCKED] bonus 008 - 25th May, 2019

Greetings netizens and residents of the Dark Forest internet.

I, m1k3y, am beset on all sides by sounds of deadlines whistling past my head.

So here’s something else from the Archives. Or, how I guess I’m now very belatedly serialising my last great writing project, circa 2016 - the InvizMon diaries; AKA Field notes from the proto-Invisibles Monasteries.

What’s that? Well, click through and read the 34pg samizdat style PDF full of three-year old stream of consciousness thoughts, fresh from my Scrivener project:

SPOILER ALERT: I’m not saying that the last stage of G H O S T P R O T O C O L is to leave nothing behind but a neat stack of PDFs, and some Steganographic clues to the InvizMon network… OR, AM I?