The Worst Excuse

nothing here but the extinction empire

FitBit vs Do Easy

nothing here but nostalgia wipes

Am I just depressed or is the world ending?

nothing here but conspicuous verminisation, feat. Ryan K. Lindsay

Field Notes from the proto-Invisibles Monastery: Escaping the Empire / Life in the Churn

nothing here but us comrogues, feat. Dan Grace

nothing here but a Gesamptkunstwerk for the Terminally Online

nothing here but protest graffiti, feat. Maddison Stoff


nothing here but us pre-criminals

How to Jury-Rig a Podcast for Fun and (Not Much) Profit

nothing here but overpriced Barre classes

Bonus Letter Suggestions/Ideas/Requests

Social Media Ego Death Trip

nothing here but weaponised parasites

A Psychogeographical Survey of the Future

nothing here but endling feels, feat. Melissa Ferguson

Lost and Found


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